User Friendly Network Monitoring System (EZNMS)





















With our ample experience in high availability, high capacity and real-time systems, we created a specialized software easy to deploy, manage and the advantages of the monitoring from mobile devices.


Executive Summary:

  • Customers: All industries that use Information Technologies.
  • Focus: Availability, Control, Simple Administration, User Friendly.


  • Provide a reliable system, easy to use and that allows to monitor network elements from everywhere.
  • Simple/Easy Implementation.
  • Excellent Cost/benefit ratio.


  • Implementation of Aggregatum’s Network Monitoring System, including mobile device applications and the professional services..


  • Have the information about performance and connectivity of equipment in an easy and reliable way.
  • Identify potential failures ahead.
  • Remote monitoring from mobile devices.
  • Mobile application supports Android, IPhone, IPad and Tablet type devices.
  • Simple Implementation.
  • Configurable event alarms.
  • Customizable and adaptable monitoring components.
  • Allows you to verify the compliance of Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  • Automated system does not depend on manual actions by staff.
  • Meet current quality standards.
  • Multilanguage.


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