Aggregatum is a company specialized on software development and information technology services.


We have the experience needed to offer several consulting services such as:


Service Layer:


• Application services and new services (VAS).


• Business processes definition and/or enhancement by applying the best practices in the industry, taking in consideration business requirements, the profile of people involved, the technology to be implemented, etc.


• Comprehensive management of requirements and their functional validations.


• Enhancements to functional applications with latest technology and architecture models.


• Functional Specifications definition.


• Software verification services.

Telecom services:


• Telecom management (fulfillment, assurance and billing).


• Core networking (Signaling network, voice & data).


• Fine tuning and SW development to maximize income from prepaid, roaming services, 3rd party products, SMS/MMS, etc.

Project Management:


• PM for software development and integration services.


• Project planning (goals, deliveries, economic/materials/human resources, crithical path, QA, etc).


• Project excecution.



Customer Support:


Support to proprietary and 3er party applications that are already in production.

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